Using the forge style that Indian George uses, I made and fired up my gas forge tonight. Hell's Forge Portable Propane Forge Double Burner Large Capacity Knife and Tool Making Farrier Forge MADE IN THE USA. You will need an adjustable propane regulator with a gauge (acetylene regulators work), and about 5 feet of hose that is approved for propane. Portable Propane Triple Burner Knife and Tool Making Farrier Forge… Joe Cabaup. 00. Some things to look for if the burner is not working properly should include an inspection of the tiny jet opening for rough edges on the inside or outside, metal chips or other obstruction in the jet hole, wrong sized jet, or a miss-aligned jet opening. Twitter. To tune your burner you will need to remove it from the forge and work in open air. - May (but probably not) require some tuning for your particular forge, but it's easy to do! By. Propane Gas Forge Double Burner , Furnace 2 burner set Blacksmith Knife Making. Problem is that the flame despite spending hours tuning it the flame burns within the burner. Having never made anything like this before, I wasn't sure that it would work. I'm going to try and get a couple 100lbs propane bottles hooked up and see if they work this way. A soup can forge has a much smaller area to heat up than even a forge like the little Hell’s Forge Portable Propane Forge. This article is how to construct a general propane-fired metalworking forge for whatever your work entails. The thing that is a little different about my forges is that I cut the tank in two laterally, then put it It is suitable for beginners and the average blacksmith because it does not require much craft. or the far larger Whisper Momma Atmospheric Forge. I used a #59 drill bit for the jet. $49.00. 159 sold. A 5 gallon (BBQ size) propane tank fits in the forge stand. I like to tune them when it is dark, because it is easier to see the flame and different colors. I cant keep a flame on mine unless its in the forge, it seems to need the backpressure from the forge to keep the flame in control. Free shipping. A propane regulator made for running a forge has no restrictive orifices and delivers much more gas volume. $75.00. When building a forge (my way) using a 20 pound propane bottle the volume of the fire box is 583.4 cubic inches and with a typical Freon bottle it is about 259.2. $80.00 Venturi burner kit FAQ. If I use it in my larger forge its a lot more finicky to adjust. This is just a rule of thumb. Free shipping. I'm trying to run two burners on two 40lb tanks and they just seem to need more fuel. Re: Propane forge burner design and tuning Another good site for info is the Blacksmithing for Beginners page on Facebook. Simply put, the burner works great. 52 sold. It is the gas volume that makes the burner run. Assembled Venturi Burner MIG tip for the jet. You will hear the difference. If the forge has big billowy flames coming out of it, turn the gas down. Sia Magazin - December 11, 2018. Pinterest. Perform all your burner adjusting and tuning outside of the forge. WhatsApp. Remember that forges become incredibly hot while in use no matter what setting you use. Propane Gas Forge two Burner , Stainless Steel Blacksmith Furnace--$50.00. Need help tuning in a forced air propane forge Discussion in 'Shop Talk - BladeSmith Questions and Answers' started by Joe Cabaup, Jun 29, 2005. This arrangement of pipe fittings was influenced by work done by Frank Villars, David Starr, Larry Zoeller and others. You could probably get away with two set screws at 180°. From shop Sarqit. Cut a 3/4" x 18" black iron nipple in half. or Best Offer. Using a sharp knife, cut an "X" through both layers of Kaowool in front of the burner port, and from the outside, force the burner nozzle into the forge while spreading the Kaowool with your fingers to allow the nozzle to squeeze in. Construction is solid and well made. Choose a safe location so as not to set fire to the house while concentrating on the end of the burner. You could even easily convert the diamondback to have independent burner control with a couple of needle valves if you were so inclined. A forge allows the craftsman to change properties of metal such as its hardness, shape, and strength as a project dictates. In order to build this forge burner, You will … I … Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. They typically run at 2-5 PSI to do what a venturi does at 5-15 PSI. There are several ways to accomplish this kind of metal work, but for the DIYer, a propane forge is the cleanest. Once the propane tank is connected, a flame is sparked within the forge to heat the inside of the blacksmithing instrument. Just light it up and move the tube in and out and rotate it. Propane Forge Build/DIY – Using a Gas Bottle and a Kit! However, the gas forge is capable of producing consistent heat with more precision. Jun 29, 2005 #1. The discussion is kind of painful, but there's some good info in the archive pages. My favorite burner is 1 1/4" pipe and it works best in a small forge. The first thing you need to do is adjust the position of the Tweco tip inside of the reducing tee while the burner is lit, slowly move it back and forth until you achieved an smooth and even flame. If the forge pops and goes out, add a bit more gas or shut some of the air down. To tune a Side Arm Burner you will need to remove it from the forge and work with it open air. Slowly turn up the pressure to 6-8 psi, and adjust the choke while observing the flame. These Venturi burners will heat a typical well insulated forge volume of approximately 350 cubic inches up to forge welding temperature!-Requires propane hose, regulator (0-30 psi), and POL fitting. Gas Forge Burner Regulator Kit Propane Forge Gas Burner. I keep my propane tank and regulator away from the forge, so my plan was to mount a needle valve next to the blower rheostat at the control panel at the front of the forge, where I can fine tune gas and air flow while standing in front of the forge. My small forges (4” diameter x 10” chamber) have a … This is a plus for casting/melting operations, and for damascus welding. Let the burner warm up for a couple of minutes, and then run it through a series of tests at various pressures and choke settings. Similarly, it is easy to set up a gas forge, and the heat produced is clean. 216. The first step is to align the the jet tube to inject the gas stream directly down the center axis of the bore of the burner tube. $299.00 $ 299. Jun 13, 2004. 4) - Gas pressure is only an indicator. Propane Gas Forge: Gas/propane forge is one of the newest introductions to blacksmithing. Burned it all afternoon and only used 1/2 tank. I tend to aim for at least 10 to 1 with NA burners. If your burner is too big or too small for the forge you are going to turn up the PSI for more flame or turn it down for less. Once you found the operating mix for your forge you can adjust the fire by opening and closing the air control, and by adjusting the gas flow with the needle valve. I’ve always wanted to build a decent forge and I finally got around to it. Paid Subscribers don't see ads! A blown forge can be run at a higher rate than a venturi,too. True forge blowers have different type of fan blades. See more ideas about homemade forge, forging, blacksmithing. Drill and tap to 10-32 at 3/4" from the end, 120° apart around the circumference.This is so we can slide the flare on the nipple and lock it in place when were tuning. There’s going to be some fun times ahead, learning and making all sorts of cool things!The kit worked out awesome! A pretty good rule of thumb seems to be that the area of the forge opening needs to be at least 7 times the burner area. Stop when your have fully penetrated the outer layer of Kaowool. We sell High Temperature Refractory materials and Gas Forge supplies for building Propane Gas Forges. It would maybe help with "tuning" the forge a bit (my "back" burner is a bit hotter than the front one, but not by much), but the benefit would be minimal at best. It is important to get the gas stream running straight down the center of the burner to get the hottest flame. A BBQ valve only delivers enough gas volume to run a small open flame. The forge is small enough that I can run the burner at under 5 psi and keep the interior at a good working temperature.However, this burner design does work well in larger forges, many large forges even use multiple burners. Knife Making Forge Fire Brick Blacksmith Propane Forge small Gas Furnace for forging knives, heat treating, axe, hooks, bottle opener, tongs Sarqit. Facebook. Mar 26, 2020 - Explore Louye's board "Homemade Forges" on Pinterest. Each piece will be very close to 9". FREE Shipping. 4.7 out of 5 stars 230. If you used set screws to hold the tube in the flare, you can tune it while the burner is lit and in the forge. Ordering Information ... all you have to do is assemble the parts and tune the burner. They can generally be set to either high or low to control the temperature inside of your forge. Setup and tuning was simple, it started right away and burned quiet and HOT without needing constant fiddling. Came across your Z-Burner and I figured it was worth $50 to try out in a forge I built years ago but never used. Finally, a blown forge can be adjusted to attain a desired forge … Factor 2: Size of the Forge.