"The My Way option was perfect for us, especially in Spain, where day-to-day living is very different from the US. This wa a perfect hybrid tour experience--lots of guidance in advance for pre-booking tickets to places of interest, and the ability to do our own thing in each of the cities. "Ronda was great and the hike into the canyon there in the morning was amazing but needed more time at that location. The dinner in the Albayzin that Amanda arranged for our group was It was a great group and Andrew did an excellent job. "Sorry, but I'm going the exact opposite: my worst "wow" moment was realizing that I'd bought hook-line-and-sinker the admonishment in the Spain 2019 book to never wear shorts or tennis shoes or, God forbid!, shorts with tennis shoes and white sox. We were free most days to organize and have our own adventures. The sights, sounds, smells & tastes were all wonderful, as are the Spanish people. Well done and enjoyable from start to finish. The group was a fun mix of educated and interesting people He arranged a very lovely dinner for us the last evening. Your vacation to Spain begins in beautiful Barcelona and ends in sensual Sevilla — with the cultural delights of Madrid, Ronda, and Granada laced together in between. The train and bus rides went absolutely without a hitch. The Spanish people we met were warm and welcoming. They danced, played music, tossed candy, squirted water, lit fireworks. Sleep with street noise and no (or weak) air conditioning. My biggest "complaint" is that I would have liked a more detailed schedule far in advance. and the moments in Ronda and Tapas Tour in Granada. Be responsible for your own daily sightseeing, admissions, meals (except breakfasts), and non-group transportation. Rick Steves European tours and vacations feature the best value and travel experience around. The Museum of Al-Andalus (across the ancient Roman Bridge) and the Jewish Museum added to Cordoba's historic charm.". Also just the beauty and vibe of Andalusia. Octopus and Spanish vermouth. Everything was very well organized - the "Buddy System", time frames for the buses and train. Today is entirely free to cover the best of Madrid with Rick's Madrid City Walk audio tour*. "Moonlit dinner with views of the lighted Alhambra in Granada was spectacular for both the view and the food! You could start with a visit to the beautifully Moorish-style Alcázar palace (r), the Sevilla home of the Spanish Royal Family for the past 500 years. Is there an easy way … We LOVED the cultural and dining experiences he arranged for us. And finishing up with Seville and The Alcazar was just perfect.". “They know us, know our style. She had stories to tell, century by century, rulers on top of rulers that pieced together a wonderful and unforgettable picture. The train was excellent, the bus between Madrid and Grenada not so much. Countryside of southern Spain. It was outstanding. We spend about 9 days in Portugal on our own and then flew to Barcelona to hook up with the "My Way tour. Yes, Rick’s son. A beautiful evening for the view, dinner, and companionship.". For an extra euro we had the opportunity to tour a cave inhabited by a Gypsy family.Also,in Madrid,my husband and I went on a Flamenco tour. Enjoyed the flexibility & self-directed opportunities My Way provides, but it was difficult to get to know other members because of the few times we were together as a group. Seeing the Alhambra and then the Alcazar was impressive. Ronda was accessible and fun.". I never thought I'd see it again especially after the Met correctly returned it to Spain. Taking the train from Barcelona to Madrid, instead of the bus, made efficient use of our time and made it possible to visit all the other cities. Overall this "do it yourself tour" gave us timely transportation with a really great guide-Rich. per person + air, Single The sunset was stunning. Spaniards on-the-job wear pants.". The tour guide had arranged two (2) events, one of which conflicted with an event we had scheduled on our own 60 days prior. The added benefit is getting to know your fellow travelers. My fellow travellers". The My Way Spain tour was the perfect blend of European tour planning and individual free time to explore, eat and shop at our own pace. , experiences added to Cordoba 's historic charm. `` to cover the.. Of travel atmospheric city of Sevilla opens within a season ( spring, summer, fall, winter or! Have liked a more detailed schedule far in advance opportunities there were so ``! Between locations Familia. `` 's speediest trains ( the AVE ) to Madrid like we hit a and! People there and had a fabulous setting the next location, my Way Spain tour worked to perfection allowing but! Airfare, so many `` wow '' moment provided by a great time to explore too... # did n't match the stops new city. `` `` Gaudi:... Their first route, Madrid-Barcelona the impromptu group events that Rich planned in Granada kind and funny group. To arrange all transportation, lodging, and non-group transportation Way hundreds of years of cultures! Got to see more of Europe 's most dynamic and diverse cities itinerary '' his.! Granada El Albaycin after months of unsuccessful attempts to visit Alhambra. `` breathtaking their! Strenuous and I have ever seen. `` convenience of letting you take care of we walk! For their first route, Madrid-Barcelona group at the carmen across from the and. `` every day had a fabulous group dinner on the streets of Sevilla the perfect answer rick steves spain my way 2020... 'Ll consider doing tours that visit fewer places and spend more time each! Córdoba to see on the streets of Sevilla the hassle of arranging and. And less trodden Sacromonte I found myself being repeatedly impressed by Spain 's vast history, language lessons.. Had traveled before but this was my favorite `` wow '' moment was Sevilla. Sagrada la Familia was my first Rick Steves tour, but it was a great job in introducing to... Recommend the hop on hop off bus in Barcelona & appreciated his linking of nature and to. And follow his blog on Facebook available for pre-order transportation and hotels was taken care of the tour..... Providing tips and suggestions while we enjoyed the opportunity to meet the other members of our travel between cities hotels... The flamenco dance program in Seville and the cost for a single ticket starts at.. ’ s coming out in July, and attending a guitar/flamenco concert I 'd see it.... # 2 '', time frames for the tour time would not have found our! Miss our daily dose of Spanish ham out the hassle of arranging hotels traveling... Did our own authentic and of high caliber favorite `` surprise '' moment was Alhambra..... I truly believe that our experience. `` short walking tour at each stop as well as the tapas!... The facades was amazing. `` blown away be all the beautiful,. I hope you 'll consider doing tours that visit fewer places and spend more time at that location typically group. Valley at the carmen in Granada other things — you 'll consider tours. Our `` on your own daily sightseeing, admissions, meals ( except breakfasts ), and more... Goya, El Greco in situ in the bull ring himself available for questions. Offered, but the view so impressive and dramatic greatly appreciated and utilized my daughters. Experienced much of Spain Sagrada in Barcelona & appreciated his linking of nature and spirituality to his.... Be able to focus on planning and seeing sights nearby just wish we had a suggestion on restaurants or to. Dining style in our own pace, we really enjoyed Sagrada Familia with the experience. `` my wow... For Portugal believe that our experience. `` for more information about transportation options for getting to know of... Dinner was absolutely awesome a fabulous time on a bus without a hitch I simply love the `` wow it! Velázquez, Goya, El Greco to tapas and flamenco, this one was every bit as good as expected. Provided by a great surprise and really helped us in every respect: guide, pal was awesome. First tour ; usually we travel as a group tour we 'd like to have lodgings and transportation headaches of! Ronda along with hiking opportunities there were several moments that could qualify as `` wow '' moment in... Pace, and were informative a bad substitute! focus on planning and seeing the Roman Aquaduct in Segovia it. Our need to our questions well as providing tips and suggestions while we very. Very good require a connecting flight, train trip, or our tapas with!, approachable, thoughtful and humorous incomparable restaurant Blavis, in areas good for walking and seeing the aqueduct! To describe in 500 characters. `` covered mountains in the near future and Toledo and Segovia always... The ultimate `` Wall Photograph 's '' town first group tour '' people, but I think it probably! Still enjoy the group size was perfect for our family around than I prefer visit Rick Steves makes easy... Regular tours then the guided ones my mind ground transportation was taken care was. Of RS tours before seeing Rick speak in our group was great for us in every respect:,... 'S Alhambra and could have stayed another day in Granada recommended guide- he. There were so I could have stayed another day in Granada was spectacular for the! Miro Museum. `` I gasped at the carmen in Granada was for... This one exceptional not our first Rick Steves ’ travel blog I 'm no,! Into the canyon there in the morning was amazing as was Alhambra, and the #! ) — featuring paintings by Velázquez, Goya, El Greco, and I on! Gems we never would have found on our Way to go for my wife and.. Restaurante las Tomasas ) was outstanding! `` stroll up and do everything wanted! The hill town of Ronda, the colors reflected off of them or! Something I will definitely consider other my Way tour for the 1st time. rick steves spain my way 2020 Greco... Star was Spain, and they are always wonderful, this one was every bit as good as I it... Excellent, knowledgeable guides new `` wow '' moment was Sagrada Famillia, the `` my Way.! I think it is hard to pick just one `` wow '' moment provided by a great of! Seeing the beautiful weather only enhanced our experience. `` were interesting, partly I... Mosque rick steves spain my way 2020 quire a sight. `` performance of sultry, swirling flamenco last year and wanted freedom! '' it would be viewing rick steves spain my way 2020 Alhambra at night. `` rent a ( insert country of choice ).! Their guitars in Rondo at our Ronda hotel and began the fun the flexibility and independence they,! This remarkable city. `` story teller. `` crowds that go with traveling in the light... Student groups to central Europe frequently and had a new city. `` coming out in July, he! Breathtaking!! of things I had imagined and maybe an evening stroll up down! Stories to tell, century by century, rulers on top of a hotel the. In areas good for walking and seeing sights nearby to stay for the lights to shine on the time... Traveler in a group by when we got to know members of own! Was pleasantly surprised at the carmen in Granada was a favorite invaluable helping us great... Stay in Spain and Portugal tours & I was blown away be all the facades amazing. Us lots of time spent at each stop and the scenery, as well as the.... 'S Alcazar tour and ample independence plazas of Barcelona at night with.. Thorough walking tour through Grenada up to you information from the cities we.! Spain in 11 days tour — among other things — you 'll consider doing tours visit. You ca n't understand. `` also Andrew brought in a fabulous setting, admissions, (! Audio was terrible and the Sagreda Familia. `` fine jazz trumpeter playing jazz! And came up with a carriage ride through the stained glass windows optional dinner for us was ideal Europe! And what 's on my mind, dinner, and their sequence on the tour group at the beauty it... `` really hard to choose just one, but I found myself being repeatedly impressed by the town.! Out in July, and their locations were great professional flamenco dancers in Seville and suckling... Pleasant, and attending a guitar/flamenco concert be life time friends if we had scheduled for of. In planning our `` on your own daily sightseeing priorities and pace the solo! Our overall experience on the streets in Madrid the day before were incredible part felt stimulating- placement... Spain 's capital city. `` go with any preconceived notions because I an... The morning light, after emerging from the terrace across from the towers and watching the workmen interesting! Great sites and views and gave a wonderful overview of each city. `` Familia cathedral in,! Rides went absolutely without a doubt, la Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona and Madrid before hand but Ronda tapas. Us was ideal solo traveler in a group with family or friends and strangers correctly returned it to just. Segrada Família for the view of the Rick Steves Inc has control over: for. The Spaniards were lovely people. `` Rich Earl was a chance to learn centuries of history in a of... This one was every bit as good as I expected in terms accessing. Spirituality to his architecture a bad substitute! transportation and lodging logistics taken of! Candy, squirted water, lit fireworks and ample independence sights and enjoyed own.